Spring has a series of happy memories for people as they have waited for a long chilly winter to pass to feel the warmth of the sun again. Winter brings with it snow. And with snow comes the damage to your landscape.

Now when the winter is away it is time to take up the job of getting that beautiful landscape back to shape. You can choose either to do it yourself or take the help of Residential Landscaping Melbourne Services.

Now when the wait is over contact the, Paving Company Melbourne to make sure that your landscape looks appealing, or else here is how you can do that.

It is time to clean that beautiful Garden

  • Test the soil – Start with testing the soil to know its requirement and condition closely. It will allow to provide the necessary care to enhance the quality of nutrients in the soil and balance its PH.
  • Dethatching – After a long while in under the snow the thatch from the lawn needs to be removed this process is called detaching. Thatch is a layer of dead material that keeps the soil away from air and water thereby from getting all the necessary nutrients. The purpose of doing so is to caret more aeration in the lawn. It will allow the water to percolated properly in the soil.
  • Trimming – All this time when the shrubs were covered with snow. It is not possible to give proper attention to trim them. They have grown full all the winter now it is time to trim the spread of the shrub.
  • Pruning – The shrubs in the landscape are to provide specific shapes. This defines the landscape that too through the shrubs. With the uninterrupted growth of the shrubs during the winter, they have lost the shape they were giving so it is time to give them the shape back.
  • Reseeding – sometimes snow can permanently damage the plants and they need to be discarded. So what? Just plant the new ones! Whatever damage is done to the garden or the plants can be fixed by reseeding.

All this time the soil has been exhausted due to low aeration and nutrients. So, it is time to provide it with a boost of nutrients along with taking care of them.

This can be done with fertilizers. Research thoroughly when using the fertilizer because it is very easy to overfertilize the garden when you lack the knowledge.

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Inspect gardening and irrigation tools to make sure the process is smooth and does not need any attention for repairs or replacement.

Add mulch to incorporate good health in the soil, it adds nutrients, moisture, nourishment, and especially they help keep the soil away from weeds and pests.

Last but not least,

Not all you need to do is relax and enjoy the spring to its fullest. If you do not want to take up this huge task you self you contact Fox Landscaping and Paving Company Melbourne to take of the task.