Landscape architects are often asked when it is best to plant trees, shrubs and other landscaping.

As a rule of thumb, it is always recommended by Melbourne Landscape Architects plant as far away as possible from the “stressful times” in your area. Summer is the most stressful time in most of the regions due to the heat.

When planted in late fall or winter, roots can form before the damp summer begins.

A common rule is to plant when you know you will not face excessive stress. When planted in autumn, winter and early spring, the roots grow.

Starting this slow process during a stress-free period will help the plant to settle before the summer.

  • Groundcover

Groundcover can be planted at any time of the year, but spring is usually considered the best time for planting and Landscaping Melbourne. Spring is also the time when the nursery can choose the best plants. Before planting the ground cover, remove all weeds and dig up the soil to about 4 inches.

  • Trees

Generally, the best time to plant trees is in late winter or early spring. If that doesn’t fit your schedule, head for the fall. Summer is a bad choice because the weather is too hot and the actively growing plants are vulnerable to damage.

Intense heat is a major enemy of newly planted seedlings.

Other than this, a lack of water can lead to weak roots. Therefore, it is important to properly water the trees in the fall, regardless of whether you choose to plant them in the fall or late winter / early spring.

Landscaping Specialists in Melbourne

  • Shrubs and Perennials

At the beginning of March, shrubs can be replanted in better locations. Get as many roots as you can and then water them well. Its better to discuss with the landscaping experts for the better growth of plants and healthy plants.

  • Vegetables

March should not be frosty, but it is not uncommon for cold waves to slow down.

If necessary, prepare to cover the freshly planted tomatoes and peppers. If you’re not sure which vegetable is best for your garden, contact the experts for further details.

They should be able to provide you with a list of preferred plants in your area and answer any gardening questions you may have.

A home becomes a home when a well-maintained garden adds personality. Professionals can help you with creative landscape ideas that can add value to your property.

All the stones and wood used are carefully selected to ensure that every aspect of the project is perfect and meets certain criteria.


Hope you found the blog useful to make your landscape gardening Melbourne project worthy and useful.

It’s important to choose the right season if you want to go through a smooth and hassle-free landscaping project. Keep the above factors in mind to ensure you avoid future issues.

Share your thoughts and ideas regarding the landscaping and effective tips to handle the seasonal fluctuations in the comment box.