Does your garden have a slope?  You might be thinking that how to design a sloping garden, generally no garden is a flat even surface because the surface keeps on changing from season to season. Especially in the rainy season, it might make the soil collect at one place because of heavy rain, or in summer, it might make the soil dry out.

Well, landscaping on the sloping areas can be a daunting task but with the right Landscape Architects in Melbourne, the toughest landscaping projects can be easily completed without any hassle.

Below are some useful ideas for gardening sloping areas efficiently.

1) Prefer adding stone walls for an extraordinary look.

If you love growing alpines and drought-resistant plants in your garden then creating a stone wall can be a good idea to grow your favourite alpines and other plants.  Stonewall retaining gives the park-like vibe to the outdoor space and gives a beautiful view.

2) Make proper route in garden

You might have seen stone paths in many garden ideas to give a teasing look. Adding the proper stone route leading to the garden can be the best addition to the outdoor landscaping.

3) Try a unique garden path with attractive borders.

There are various materials by which you can create a border of the path to give the aesthetic look. Also, you can plant various types of bushes and flowers as a border for an attractive colourful look. Many people use plastics, gravel, and metal in the border edges to define the path uniquely.

4) Plant specific plants according to the place.

If your soil is over-dried, ornamental grasses can be perfect for the slopes and can add a perfect angle to the slope when the wind blows. You can take the help of landscaping experts according to your soil condition to plant the best-suited plants. Because it depends on the soil types, whether the plant will survive in the specific soil and climate condition or not.

5) Estimate the cost of terracing.

It’s better to work within the budget with reliable ideas. So, estimate the cost according to your landscaping plan. Construction of terracing might seem an expensive option but it can be a cost-effective choice like wall retaining. The concrete terrace can be a simple and reliable option to make the terrace with the perfect addition of stones and gravel particles.

6) Be careful while laying down on the slope.

Making a lawn on the slope can be a bit difficult task, hence try growing grass and other wildlife flowers to give an incredible look.


There are infinite landscaping ideas that can be experimented on sloping landscapes. So, don’t be afraid to try the new designs and ideas whether it is simple or modern, every landscaping design can be useful.

Before beginning with the plan, always take advice from the professional landscaping expert for the best Melbourne Landscapers. At fox landscape construction, we strive to serve the amazing landscaping solutions that are durable and functional.

We are capable of transforming any space into a beautiful landscaping space that adds value to your property. Book an appointment today for reliable landscaping solutions.