Your backyard is a living thing, and with the frequent changes in weather and plant growth, no two weeks are alike. You are constantly designing your landscape as you maintain the space. However, it’s likely that now is the best time to give it a big makeover with our ecstatic Landscapers Melbourne.

Maybe you’ve been struck by inspiration, but you’re not sure where to start.

Here are three things to think about before you design your backyard:

1) Use your imagination:

  • Start daydreaming now that you’ve found out what you like in your yard. Consider how you can integrate different sights, sounds, and scents into the room. What types of birds would you like to attract? How can native plants be used to add low-maintenance beauty while still feeding local pollinators?
  • To get ideas for your own boundaries, go-to examples of beautiful gardens in the area. Frederick Law Olmstead, the father of American landscape architecture and the successful designer of Central Park, took long walks around the country in his twenties. The items he saw on these trips provided him with artistic inspiration for his later landscaping work. You don’t have to trek across the state to get any new ideas, but a few neighbourhood strolls can help.

2) Consider the goals of your design:

  • Consider your design’s goals with all of those new concepts in mind. Who is going to be in your yard? Do you want to cultivate edible berries and vegetables? How about making a composting system? Are you looking for a way to entertain your visitors?
  • Make meadows for your children to run around in? How do you make your house more valuable? All of these elements aren’t mutually exclusive, but they can be woven together to create a system that combines purpose, elegance, meaning, and ecological diversity.

3) Think Like a Designer:

  • Many landscape designers use underlying concepts to produce stunning results. Clear lines, symmetry, and open horizons are used to direct the eye in formal, English-style landscaping. Curving roads, trickling water, and appealing shapes are used in the Zen approach to evoke peace and harmony. There are several different gardening types to choose from, and you can incorporate elements from various cultures.
  • Think about the design concepts in terms of shape, colour, line, and texture. Trees and shrubs come in a variety of shapes and sizes, including weeping, spreading, and dwarf styles. Landscapes can be vibrant with colour and foliage at any time of year, including the winter.

At Fox Landscape Construction, we are aimed to satisfy you with your dream garden. Our dynamic team of landscapers will make sure you pass through a smooth process and will always be there for your assistance.


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