It is 2021, technology has evolved rigorously in the recent past. Architectural designs, perspective, choice, everything has gone through a change. Landscapes no longer look like what they used to look like. There are a lot of updates and trends coming now, and then providing people numerous options to choose from.

There is a lot that is taken into consideration lately for Landscaping Melbourne, unlike the old times. Whether it is home or commercial, one needs a landscape that makes a statement when looked upon, keeping sustainability and nature in mind.

Melbourne Landscape Architects pour their heart out in the designs to achieve what one has desired. Here is the blog about the latest trend in landscape architecture that has changed our view on what landscape should look like.

A way back to nature

Including nature in the landscape especially when lying in a time when nature seems to be in danger is the wise choice one can make. Including beautiful and much-needed gardens in the landscapes is one of the trends that has been seen in the latest designs. Manicured trees and shrubs have been the heart of various architectural designs.

From the environmental point of view adding the plants and trees in the landscape would help in easing the air pollution and make the air more cleaner. It not only provides the landscape with colour diversity but also keeps it close to nature.

Lighting it up

Lights, LEDs have been the new trends whether it is a pool, home, fence, ceilings, and more. Creative use of lights and shadows has increased lately.

Why not landscapes? This what the landscape architect questioned and what that came up with was including lights in the landscapes and it turned out to be very ravishing.

It makes the element added to the landscape more visible during dark hours. It is an important part of commercial landscapes lately. Even at home, one can add moonlighting or down-lighting on the trees to give a sleek look to the landscapes.

Low on maintenance

Including plants that are drought tolerant reduces the watering needs of the planet. One can lessen the turf to reduce maintenance.

It is never like if you include the sustainable options in the garden the work is done. The care still needs to be taken but the overall effort of maintaining the landscape is reduced.

Edibles in garden

We have known the importance of chemical-free products and food lately. The vegetables and fruit plants that grow on the fertilizer added soil have long-term health hazards.

People have started switching to organic products. Instead, one can switch to having the plants included in the garden of the landscape.

So you don’t need to go in search of organic vegetables, instead, you can get them from your garden.


Landscapes are inevitable parts of commercial and home outdoor spaces, having said that the environmental concerns need to be kept in mind. One can ensure that Melbourne landscape architects make the landscape eco-friendly, greener, sustainable, do not have much water, and more.